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I discovered Annie's almost by chance having discovered the incomparable Liane Carroll equally by chance. Deciding I just had to see her live I was amazed to discover I could, just a few miles from home, the rest, as they say is history.From my first foot in the door and my introductory hug from Cathy and Jan and Ivor who manages the seating plan with a skill I only later realised (all who ably assist Annie) I was hooked. The intimate congenial atmosphere and pre-show meals lead onto music of unequalled quality, the motto of 'Bringing the West End to the East End, is by no means an overstatement. I'd go further and suggest that the local feel and friendliness lends Annie's a unique quality I have never enjoyed in London. Friends who have accompanied me have travelled from London have all said they'd choose Annie's over a London venue! The guest list is varied and includes major artists who choose Annie's for exactly the reasons I do - it's special. Being away a lot precluded me from being a true regular but with every visit I am greeted as a special friend and you will be too From wherever you come you will be treated as an honorary local and leave an enriched and a happier person. Oh and did I mention that the food and beer is cheap and the entry is so reasonable it's hard to comprehend how Annie does it. Don't miss Annie's, it's a treat, I now avoid work on Tuesdays just to be there.
Daunton Todd.

“The entertainment  wherever AnniesJazz is hosted is always fantastic. Having been a loyal follower since 2008, I am consistently impressed by the musicians performing! Thank you!”
Betty Milburn
Annie keeps the Jazz fresh and alive with a huge variety of acts. It is one of my favourite local venues and proves that jazz is as popular as ever.

Ted Beament musician.

Annie has firmly put jazz on the map in this area.
Kenny Baxter musician.

A friendly Jazz club in a wonderful location. Annie's Jazz club entertains us with every type of Jazz for your pleasure. You can hear some of the finest musicians in the country. Whatever your taste you are sure to find it at Annies Jazz one Tuesday or another as the variation is immense. I never miss, as it is such great fun and a wonderful atmosphere.
Merry customer.


AnniesJazz, bringing London to you...

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